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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The 3rd September,2006 walk into the "The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre" at New York was one of the moments that I would cherish forever.Built in 1910 as the Globe and renamed as the Lunt-Funtanne in 1958 in honor of the famed acting couple,this handsome theatre is now owned by a Nederlander organisation. The house's most recent productions have been Titanic ; A Mid-summer's night Dream; The Three sisters etc.From mid- 1932 until 1957 this theatre was a movie house with its entrance on Broadway,New York.At this time,the house was restored to legitimacy by completely redoing it in an elegant eigteenth century style.The entrance has now returned to its original 46thStreet location , and the theatre was renamed the Lunt-Fontanne.The gala reopening of the theatre starred the Lunts -one of the great actresses,in one of their best plays-The Visit.It was their last appearance on Broadway.The theatre as, you must have been thinking by now, has graced many shows of substance alltogether. The clock ticked 1:30 p.m with the sunny afternoon at New York and we were all occupying our seats at the theatre for the well reknowned musical play :"Beauty and the beast"--the most accoladed fairy tale. The fairy tale is one of the compilations of the childhood memoirs of everyone's one fourth phase of life..

One upon a time ,there lived a handsome, but self-absorbed prince who owned a moonlite castle. One day he was pleaded by an old and needy lady witha rose in her hand, but he treated her badly with much of disrespect and this further took a toll on the life of the prince.In response to the bad behavior shown by the prince,the old lady turned out to be a beautiful woman with magical skills and she threw the prince into a spell of ugliness and loneliness--the beast.Much before the prince could plead to the lady to forgive him,it was too late. His staff were transformed into... well objects to do with their profession. He had a magical mirror to watch the world through in his isolation. He needed to learn to love a person for who they are, and get them to love him with his good mannerisms but the beast transformation was a hindrance to all mannerisms.

In the village nearby,lived a beautiful young girl who always felt lonely and misunderstood, 'cause she read books, and seems to be the only one who used to like reading books. She had daydreams about getting out, getting a better life, meeting a prince. Her father was a "nutty professor" who was always into flop inventions but in other ways very true at heart.One day he went off to compete at an inventors' fair but he got lost in the woods and ends up a prisoner at the beast's castle. His daughter,when started looking for him, found him there and pleaded the beast to let her father go, in return for her staying there with the beast. It was a done deal and girl was trapped in the castle with the beast and his.. staff. She read books, enjoyed musical numbers such as "Beauty and the beast" and "Be our guest", and managed to befriend the beast. In the village there was an ignorant and manly Gaston who was upset that pretty girl wasn't interested in him. When her father claimed that she was trapped with a beast, Gaston saw the opportunity to have him committed to a mental hospital, thereby forcing the girl to marry him. This almost worked, but the beast lets the pretty girl out and she is just in time to save her father and prove there is a good heart within the Beast. She shows them the magical mirror and Gaston takes a posse to go and kill the beast. And the ending begins.... The Beast killed Gaston, but not before he was wounded. He is turned back into the prince by a magical "shot" transformation, and all the other objects turn back into people with a "whoosh", and they have a wedding for pretty girl and the Prince.
However, only the aftermath could turn back the time in the prince's life,could you realise what was that? It was his hospitality , in other words his gregarioys heart within the beast helped him sail through his petios of curse..So,"Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what's right to the mankind,it can be anywhere! even at your workplace!

You will find the story more charming once you open your childhood face to read this vivid fairy tale with a deep morale.So, why is your maturity stopping, go and smile the child like way to the world....!


Blogger Chinmay said...

Hey nice post there buddy.
I particularly liked the message

"Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what's right to the mankind,it can be anywhere! even at your workplace!"

Keep posting.

Tuesday, 19 September, 2006

Blogger vijaya said...

Hi there Purabi...

Sorry for the late response... but good post :) Co-incidentally I happened to watch the animated version of Beauty and the Beast about a month ago.... gave me goosebumps as i remembered my days as a child. The songs in it,especially have a way of taking you way back :)

Keep posting... looking forward to reading about the interesting stuff you do out there


Monday, 25 September, 2006


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