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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Matter Of Honour..!

Of late we have been keeping ourselves busy working on our Blog's aesthetics. With Thanksgiving around the corner & our desire for embracing change, here's our new post with review of one of the bestsellers packed in a brand new template by one of our very good friends - Amit.

Matter Of Honor Book is yet another mystery, thriller beautiful penned down by Jeffery Archer. The story, which revolves around 1966, starts with Russians discovering that Nicholas Czar II Icon hanging in the White House Palace is not an original one but rather a duplicate copy crafted by a painter and situation gets intensified on knowing that the original icon contains a very important document that will allow Russians to have an upper hand on Americans. But for that to happen they must find out Czar's Icon before a critical deadline. Comes into picture Russian KGB's office Alexsandr Romanov, an inspiring, intelligent and unreliable KGB officer, who is assigned this task of finding the original Czar icon within a month.

At the same time in London, a will is read to late British armyofficer Gerald Scott's family. Adam Scott, who is an unemployed ex British officer and son of late Gerald Scott, receives an enclosed envelope as a part of his inheritance. A Nazi Officer, Hermann Goring, had given this envelope to Gerald Scott, who was held responsible forthe Nazi officer's death. The envelope had not been opened since 20 yrs and details the events for Goring's death and details of a SwissBank vault left in the name of Emmanuel Rosenbaum to Scott thatcontains Czar's Icon in it.

As story builds up, Romanov too finds out about the existence of this vault and sets out to seize the Icon. Adam gets lucky when he gets tothe Czar's icon just before Romanov is able to put his hands on it.Then begins a chase, which leads from Greece to France and then back to London.

There are some intriguing questions in the plot - isn't it...! What document does that Czar's icon contains in it? What is it that will help Russians to get an upper hand on Americans and make them the most powerful country in the world? How Romanov finds out about the Icon? How does a German Nazi Officer come into possession of the Icon? Lastly and the most important, what happens at the end? Are Russiansable to seize Czar's Icon or is it the American's?

Want to know the answer for the above questions? What are you waiting for? Go grab your own copy. Secrets are not being told here ;-) Enjoy Reading


Anonymous Milind Gulavani said...


I get these reviews from you regularly.. Thanks for the same...
The reviews are really good and let me honestly tell you, I enjoy them... It reminds me every time that however busy I am, I should keep reading....
Thanks once again...

How is everything on your end ?

Milind Laxman Gulavani
Operations Leader, TCS-Japan

Thursday, 22 November, 2007


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