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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seasonal Joy...!

Its that time of the year again - On one hand you revisit your goals/resolutions and measure yourself against the set thresholds and either congratulate yourself or push yourself for running that last 1 mile; On the other hand you make elaborate plans for celebrating this festive season in the most memorable manner! Well, we did a small exercise last evening and to our amazement it turned out to be quite motivating and encouraging.

We compiled all the feedbacks and comments we have ever received on this blog, printed them out and read each one of them to ourselves aloud- believe me the comments were quite fascinating, diverse, insightful and often very funny- but the point is they left us feeling very good inside which is why say "Thank You Readers!".

On Christmas eve, whether you watch the snow come down or the sky light up or simply indulge in celebration with loved ones to capture the holiday spirit, lets just say that the joy of the seasons has just begun! We wish you all Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ahead ! Here are some links in case you wish to do some light reading during the holidays-afterall this blog is about reading resources !;) Free eBooks, Short Stories, Popular Manifestos, Cool Comics, Interesting Articles
Be Merry, Be Jolly, Be Savvy & Have Fun !



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