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Monday, January 22, 2007

Q & A - Vikas Swarup

Q & A - Vikas Swarup

Don't go by the name of this book “Q&A”. You don’t have to answer any question here. Q&A is a story about a eighteen year old penniless waiter, Ram Mohammad Thomas, who goes on creating history by winning one billion rupees after answering all 12 questions correctly on a TV biggest ever quiz show (the Indian version of Who Wants To Be A Millionairee) and gets arrested for winning. The producers of the show have him arrested as they are convinced that he has cheated his way to victory. But more then this it tells you about 12 extraordinary events that happens in Ram’s life to help him win the show. Events of how he was found in the dustbin by the priest, came to have three names, fooled professional hitman, found a brother friend, Salim and sister Gudiya, working for a famous actress and Australian Ambassador, as a Taj Mahal illegal tourist guide and even his love with a prostitute gives him the crucial answers to all the questions.

Q&A is brilliantly written and very well structured book, which tells you in the end that luck is something, that doesn’t happen by chance but it’s something that comes from within you. Q&A covers all shades of life. It has its own moments of happiness, sadness, comedy, tragedy and relationship. What makes it more interesting is that each chapter here starts with a generalization like traveling in a train or falling in love or working as a servant, dreams and ends with details that are unique to Ram’s life.

It symbolizes the reality of an Indian orphan in Ram Mohammad Thomas that goes through the various phases of life. It makes you believe that even they have the aspirations, dreams and a life to live. It takes you though the journey of different section of Indian Societies, riches and poor and reveals their bitter reality. It portraits how cruel a life can be to neglected portion of Indian Society who are thought to live like a dog and die like an insect.

Do you want to know how Ram Mohammad Thomas got his name? What business a penniless waiter has to do on such a big TV show? Who’s Smita and why she helps Ram or she herself is just another crook? 12 extraordinary events that helps Ram to win the show or has he bluffed everyone to win the show? Well then what are you waiting for, go read it.


Anonymous Sona said...

Q&A appears to be yet another interesting book. Upon reading the terse review, I must say that I wish to read the book at the earliest to carve out details of events in Ram Mohammad Thomas's life !!

Also, I agree that Luck doesn’t happen by chance rather its just a reflection of sum total of true efforts made by an individual in the exciting game of life;)

Thursday, 25 January, 2007

Anonymous crazy4music said...

Hey, just read your book review for Q&A .... very nicely written ...

makes me wanna read that book .... also makes me wanna review the books i have read till now ......

Sunday, 11 February, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Friday, 16 February, 2007

Anonymous Pooja said...

Just read the review for Q&A..the way it has been written makes me wanna read that book..wanna know more and more about Ram Mohammad's life..!!

"Luck doesn’t happen by chance rather its just a reflection of sum total of true efforts made by an individual in the exciting game of life"...awesome line...agreed..!!

Keep Posting..All the best..!!


Wednesday, 02 May, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok i'm confused - loved the book but the back of it states the Ram "confused a professional hitman", states this above too but it wasn't him that did it, he re-told the story of someone telling him - am I right or can someone enlighten me?

Monday, 26 January, 2009


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