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Thursday, August 23, 2007

From The Heart...!

Reading biographies has always remained my fav pastime. This time as my eyes were hunting for biography of some unique personality in New Haven Public Library - I found "From The Heart:Seven Rules To Live By" and rest as the say is history...! The book was the first publication of Robin Roberts - one of the most famous American television broadcaster till date. Upon enquiring a little more about her from my American friends - I learnt that she is one of the most loved & reverred anchor of ABC's "Good Morning America" Show. In her book, she actually speaks from her heart in a very lucid manner. The book is truly heartfelt & inspiring.

Noted for her trademark down-to-earth style & warmth, she mentions that she considers her faith, family values as being the cornerstones of her emotional & professional achievements. Upon reading the book, one realises that she didn't get where she's today by the luck of the draw. From her childhood in Missippi, to remarkable college basketball start, to ESPN Show host, to co-anchor of Good Morning America - she faced the music of life with a positive attitude & vibrant charisma. Many of the items she touched upon in her book is truly recognizable in what most of us experience today -- especially with the fear of the unknown or not knowing what we want to do with our lives. She allowed one as the reader to see that those feelings of uncertainty are normal and even the most successful people have fears and setbacks. She says Dreaming, Believing & Taking instant action has helped her realise her goals. She charges the reader when she shares her learnings from life. Here are her 7 life mantras:
  • Be it personal/professional challenge, always position yourself to take the first shot proactively. (Be Smart)
  • Dream big, but Focus small. (Be Practical)
  • Nevers Play the race, genader or any other card. (Be Sweet)
  • Venture outside your comfort zone. (Be Enterprising)
  • Focus on the solution, not the problem (Keep the Brain Engaged)
  • Keep faith, family 7 friends close to your heart (Be Caring)

I mean as you read thru , you actually feel that you don't have to be on a BIG stage to make a difference and that you definitely need one another in life !! We would certainly recommend reading this inspiring book to all our Blog Readers. But by the time you place you orders for the book - enjoy the excepts right here.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Animal Farm

Animal Farm ~ George Orwell

Animal Farm is one of the the most famous works of political allegory ever written till date.In today's world, should a person's position in society be determined by wealth, power and education alone? In Animal Farm, George Orwell examines this question by paralleling the way a society functions with a fictitious farm governed by animals. By using the different animals as the people in society, he seeks to show the reader how people are positioned within a society. The story is about a farm governed by animals.

The owner is known for mistreating his animals and is unable to run the farm effectively. While the farmer sleeps, the animals discuss plans to revolt against him. So,in the spring, the animals launch their attack. They start with a loud enough disturbance to draw the people from the farmhouse and then chase them off the farm. The animals decided to form their own government where all shall share in the work based on their ability. The pigs are the rulers,since they are considered intelligent. The pigs learn the skills of man including farming, reading, writing and architecture and with these skills, they teach other animals. They create a nation of animals with laws for all inhabitants. Although the animals were successful at managing crops and constructing buildings, there are problems: a power struggle ensues between two ruling pigs. Well, to know more... read the book :-)
Fiction isn't many people's choice of reading, but you will definitely enjoy this book because the author's immense creativity in drawing the scenario of the story with morale is very well presented and it will take you inside the lanes more as you read on. It was interesting how Orwell used the animals to make a statement about politics and society. Although the book was published in 1945, many of those social and political issues (such as inequalities among people and society's class structure) are still relevant. The novel was chosen by TIME Magazine as one of the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present.

If you are looking for a book that blends controversy with fiction, I suggest you pick up George Orwell's Animal Farm. You will probably enjoy it as much as I did. You will feel the placidity of the gregarious nature of animal instinct imbibed into the humane typo .. Ciao