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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fun is Good...!

Hope you all had a great Christmas this year...!
Most of you would agree with the statement "Fun is Good". After spending a nice time with some friends in DE this weekend, I decided to do some light reading and thats when I picked up this nice book by Mike Veeck. What intrigued me was the author's claim that the book is meant for people who lead lives that are not as fulfilling as they could be. Basically the book turned out to be a Self Hep Book with usual suggestions about carrying a positive attitude, keeping things light & pursuing one's passions etc- but here are some questions (we should ask ourselves everyday - says the author) in the book that will keep me amazed for the rest of this week:

  • What did you gravitate towards in your school? Are you pursuing the same right now?
  • Nowadays, we look at what is present out there in the world for us & then try fitting ourselves in - Souldn't it be the other way around instead?
  • Do we have habits that shake ourselves from an otherwise Mediocre Existence everyday?
  • Do we have a better call of our emotions than plain Vanila facts?
  • Are we reading enough?
  • Do we venture out to do things that make our lives kore inviting?
  • Do we make our customers (friends, family members or real clients) feel like king (attention) ?
  • Are we ready to flow / adapt if life demands so?

Now, these questiosn appeared quite normal to me initially, but when I learnt that the author served as the Co-owner of 6 Minor League Baseball teams and made a successful career in multiple roles like Advertising Professional, Marketing Consultant & a noted keynote speaker - I told myself - "Let me put my thinking cap on for the remaining 5 days of this year" - afterall its never too late to try....right? ;-) By the way, here's a list of Best Novels from 1923 to the present that TIME picked - have a look.